Mesothelioma Symptoms, Things To Consider

By Tom Addison

Listed here you will find mesothelioma symptoms that you may suffer from when you have the disease. Many of the symptoms for this problem are chest pain, or breathing with difficulty. There are other signs you may have noticed that are not as common, they include night sweats, weight loss, cough, and fever. Those signs would all be warnings that you may be suffering pleural mesothelioma.

While a person who may be suffering from peritoneal mesothelioma may have the following signs: weight loss, swelling, fluid accumulating in the abdomen, blood clotting abnormalities, bowel obstruction, mass in the stomach, or anemia.

Often times the diagnose of this disease is very hard, since several of the signs are so similar to other illnesses you may have. All the above problems could also come up if you are suffering from lung cancer or many other types of cancers.

Most times when you go into a doctor reporting the above symptoms they will first make a full physical examination. Plus they will ask about pass medical problems, as well as asking if you have had any type of past exposure to asbestos.

There are no tests that can be done for early detection of this problem either, but there are several medical tests that could help. Those include MRI scans, chest x-rays and CT scans. Chest x-rays if done will be helpful in showing if you have any type of problems with your lungs. Those CT scans will be able to give the doctor a more detailed look at your lungs. Well an MRI will give them a look in another way yet by use of radio waves, computer and magnetism.

Another test that may be completed is a piece of tissue or some fluid will be removed from the location of a tumor in your body. With all of these tests a doctor will be able to let you know if your mesothelioma symptoms are something that needs more looking into.

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