Frequently Found Asbestos Exposure Symptoms

By Abigail Hill

Asbestos is one of the leading causes of death each year. Many people are exposed to asbestos each year. Construction workers, pipe fitters, and others whose job requires them to be in contact with this chemical are most at risk.

The symptoms are quite disturbing - the most common ones are shortness of breath, chest pains and anemia. Prolonged exposure to materials containing asbestos can result in lung and mesothelioma cancer. Asbestos symptoms include difficulty in breathing, coughing, chest pains, and anemia.

You may begin to feel difficulty in breathing as the first symptoms come, usually right after an activity that involves physical work. A dry cough may develop, with tightening of the chest area. Then as it gets worse, the breathing problems will be seen even after a relaxation period. Blood after coughing can be seen, often causing an alarming state of mind. There have been other complications seen, which can cause many different problems.

This kind of danger can result in death, if left untreated. It slowly develops over some time. Lung cancer results after this, making it even more difficult to deal with.

This is normally seen in a home and at a work place. There have been cases of Mesothelioma being reported, after contact. As soon as a doctor see's lung cancer, a biopsy may take place, to see how far it has gone. This occurs once the fibers have been inhaled into the lungs.

This awful feeling usually develops slowly, over the years. There are different symptoms that develop slowly, like shortness of breath. This happens due to the inhalation of the dust that contains this dangerous chemical. A biopsy is usually performed, making sure it has not spread any more.

Manufacturer's and builders are highly in danger. People all over have lost their lives after this type of exposure. Because of these dangers, there has been other inventions of materials that are safer, used each day. It can occur in a simple renovation from the inhalation of the dust,

Manufacturers are seeing more this type of danger each day. Many people have lost their lives after being exposed to this type of danger. Since this has been happening, other materials are being invented to be used, so people will not lose their lives.

Many people don't know this, which put their lives in danger every day by being around this substance. If you think you've been around this substance, you need to get to the nearest doctor. The proper procedure must be taken ensuring no one else gets hurt.

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